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Moxie launched in 2014 out of Saratoga Springs NY. Today, Moxie caters to virtual clients as well as in person sessions. It is our belief that every individual is warranted the right to feel remarkable, regardless of their size, financial status and or stage in life. Clients of Moxie are a colorful variety and range from those who prefer designer labels to individuals who love a good “gently used” find and everyone in-between. Truly.

Services are priced affordably so that you can have a rewarding and complete experience that sets you up to be prepared for future seasons. Functional, fabulous fashion is not just about having a solution for a “special need or event”. It is about feeling more comfortable and confident daily. It’s understanding how to work with your “trouble zones” and highlight your personal features. It is understanding how to shop wiser, use more of what you own and enjoy the assurance that comes with increasing your skill and awareness. Life offers enough challenges. How to dress and shop shouldn’t be one of them.

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Virtual Style Programs

Join in for this no pressure, non judgie experience that women of all ages, sizes and styles can enjoy.

What better way to connect with some ladies than over dressing fun! During our time together, you will all learn some hearty tips that everyone can utilize. This is an engaging and interactive event that will get everyone thinking as well as feeling inspired!

Join in for this no pressure, non judgie experience that women of all ages, sizes and styles can enjoy. 

Please note, now that we are shifting back to in person events slowly, this is also an option. This gives us a bit more room to play with ideas as well as attendance. Please note, pricing may vary depending on location etc. 

Set a consultation and we’ll explore ideas!

A Virtual Program For Women Providing The Ultimate Guide To Effortless Style

Finally the resource to answer ALL of your dressing and shopping needs! This is the LATEST tool to help you navigate the ever changing world of fashion. Regardless of your size, age or place in life. 

In this program you will receive concise, easy to follow guidance that will have you shopping and dressing with ease from a Professional Stylist. 

Confidence   –  Affordability   –   Clarity   –   Sustainability

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Enjoy a one to one call to address questions you may have and to explore your options. This no obligation call is a wonderful first step. Simply select a time which suits you at the following link and you will be contacted at the said date and time.

Belt Accessory for Men & Women

Pile Tool

Non Toxic Stain Remover

Shoe Heel Protector


I had the privilege of working with Brandon during a time of transition in my life. I had earned the new title of a mom of 2 little ones. Becoming a mom of 2 little ones in a short time had really changed my routine for putting myself together. My time was drastically cut short, and getting ready now included a needy audience. The days of standing in my closet and taking time to put outfits together that I felt confident in were a thing of the past. I knew I needed Brandon and her services to help me with this task. We discussed my goals prior to our session, and Brandon delivered exactly what I was looking for. By the end of our session, I had a very clear plan moving forward that worked for me and my new lifestyle. She not only put together some outfits to be worn in the days to come, but she also showed me an easy method to implement when I needed to create more looks in the future. 

I still use the tips and tricks that she has taught me when getting myself ready for various events and outings. I did not want to compromise my style or look just because my time had a very different feel, and Brandon showed me that I could still look and feel confident even when time is limited. 

Since our session, I have also become a certified holistic health coach helping clients feel their best by addressing their gut. Gut health is the root of many health challenges, and I am happy to help people feel their best on the inside so they can feel their best on the outside. I offer virtual or in-person one-on-one coaching sessions as well as packages that are designed to the gut functioning optimally again. Packages may include coaching sessions, recipes, grocery store tours, and pantry clean-outs depending on an individual’s goals. 

I would enthusiastically recommend Brandon’s services to anyone in my personal or professional circle as a valuable tool to help them feel their best on the outside as well. My children are a bit older now, but still utilize a large chunk of time on a daily basis. Juggling them plus a business will always have its challenges, but I feel as though putting myself together will not be one of them thanks to Brandon.

“Dress as You Wish to Be Addressed"

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