Women's Services

How We Can Help

Moxie provides an array of services and areas of support including but not limited to, Photoshoots, Interviews, Professional Branding, "Trouble Zone" Dressing, Fresh Out Ideas, Travel Shopping/Packing Support, Special Occasion, Educational Sessions, Style Soirees', Professional Attire Workshops.

Following provides just a taste of services to give you a sense. Please note all are not listed here. Please keep in mind that packages can be custom created for your personal needs if needed.

Closet Clarity Session


This session is an ideal starting point in working together. During this session we will look at your current season and clarify what is needed to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe needs. This 3 hrs. session will also give you a few new ideas of ways in which you can re purpose items you currently own for some fresh outfit ideas.

An important start of any new beginning is also looking at what is working, what is not and why. Certainly a valued step before you set out to purchase more clothing. So, not only will we be able to get clear on what items you may wish to add in… we also are able to use this time and separate what items may not be serving you. Shortly after our session, you will be provided a guide to set you on your way be it with me or on your own to start if you wish! 


Private Shop Session


Shopping for ones self can be draining, frustrating and often yield few results. Add being a busy individual and it can quickly feel “not so fun”. Being an Apparel Stylist, I am able to take part in style pricing and truly put your dollar to work. I take advantage of supporting local businesses when possible, shop sales and ensure that the items I am providing to you compliment your financial needs, personal make up and your preferred style. This service is over two appointments and suitable for when several items are needed. A mini service is available for when a few items are needed for a reduced rate. 

Educational Shop Session


Would you like to learn how to locate “great finds”? Do you get completely overwhelmed and confused by all the choices? This session is a wonderful way to learn how to navigate shopping a bit easier. Together we will look at styles, fabrics and asses why and why not a piece would be ideal for you. Along our travels we may have space to pick up and try on a few items. However, this is more of an educational session vs. a shopping session. Please note, a pre consult session may be needed depending on your needs to ensure this service is the maximized for you. 

Every Service Starts with a Complimentary Consultation

Connecting one on one gives us a chance to get to know each other better. During this appointment, we can explore your desires, needs and goals at which time I can recommend the most affordable approach. Below will give you a sense of some of the services and price points. However, I really believe that everyone is unique and therefore I value taking the time through a phone meeting to find the best fit for you. so you can make an informed decision. 

Virtual Services

Whether you are local or out of state, the option to take part in virtual support is a great consideration. There are many options available for virtual services. As an example, you may enjoy partaking in two calls or video sessions for $89 total. These 30 minute calls can be a great time for questions, outfit ideas/feedback or other.

Another example can be a package that contains multiple sessions with an action plan to address your closet, outfit feedback / ideas and follow up support for $325.

Not sure where to begin? Schedule a complimentary consult and we can explore the best options for your current needs together. Prices are very reasonable and competitive for the area.