Virtual Style Personal Session

Doing things for ourselves often takes a backseat when we get busy. 

Taking part in a personal virtual session allows us to address a great deal. This offering is easy to navigate but hearty in all you will learn. We’ll be looking at what works, what does not, what you may want to consider adding into the closet and why. We also will be addressing ALL of your dressing and shopping concerns and frustrations. You will be guided through simple pre sessions steps, an in depth and FUN session along with a follow up session. 

Is your schedule a bit wacky right now? We get it! The session can be held for an am, afternoon evening and or weekend if needed. Contact us directly and we’ll explore options. We can be reached at

Cost $325


Every Service Starts with a Complimentary Consultation

Connecting one on one gives us a chance to get to know each other better. During this appointment, we can explore your desires, needs and goals at which time I can recommend the most affordable approach. Below will give you a sense of some of the services and price points. However, I really believe that everyone is unique and therefore I value taking the time through a phone meeting to find the best fit for you. so you can make an informed decision.