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Why should I work with a stylist?

*Below are some commonly asked questions/comments. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions… 

Retaining professional support is not always needed but certainly can be a good idea. It's kind of like choosing to color your own hair or change your own oil. Sure, you can figure it out but when all is said and done can you say you did a great job, feel confident in your steps and didn't waste time?

I am a huge supporter of being resourceful, saving money and I love learning new things. However, when it comes to our bodies and style it's easy to get confused quickly. Working with me is a fun and educational experience.

I encourage you to explore using an apparel stylist if you…

Some of the benefits of retaining a professional


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Boy do I understand that feeling! Let me first start by saying that it takes a lot of courage to as for help. Especially with something so personal. I am extremely sensitive to peoples needs and I am very perceptive. My goal is to fulfill the goals we set together however, it is also very important we move at a pace that works for you. What I won’t be doing is barking demands and expecting you to wear or buy what I tell you to. No no no…. this is about exploring your style and needs together. My desire is to create an experience that is fun and leaves you feeling empowered and excited! Not to make you feel bad about your choices or your body. 

Most of us had some point in our childhood where we considered getting dressed fun. Perhaps it was in your Mamas shoes or marching around with your toy gun and spurs. Whatever the get up was, you played to the fullest and enjoyed yourself! There was a freedom, ease and comfort that transpired. This was a time before body issues and life’s influences unfolded. 

My intention is to give you the permission to play again, protect you from looking frumpy and help you understand how to dress your personal body while infusing your own personal style along the way. Some of my clients know what they like and others have no idea. Regardless where you find yourself, I am fully equip to support you. You will find me to be patience, understanding and kind. For me this is an honor to work with you and I don’t take it lightly. It’s a relationship that requires confidentiality, compassion and trust. 

A Private Shop Session traditionally takes place after we have had a Closet Clarity Session. However, exceptions can be made. Once we have gotten clear on a budget, personal style preferences and desired items I am then able to provide a shop session. I pull from locations and styles that compliment you personal and your financial requests. The beauty of me shopping for you is I can pull from an array of locations, provide a richer variety for you to choose and take the strain of returns/exchanges off your mind. 

Our personal session is held in a relaxed private space of Moxie providing plenty of room to try items on and make decisions with ease. However, there is no obligation to purchase any items. Together, we decide what works and does not and ensure we are matching you with items you can truly use and genuine like. Any items that we agree upon as “keepers” are discussed. We consider price, need vs. want, quality, integrity, versatility, fit and of course, how much you love the item and how comfortable you are to wear it.

More info is provided under the actual service but this can give you an idea. There is a mini version of this service. And, for an added fee, I can also bring items to your home depending on scheduling.

I used to provide this service and while I never have issues finding items for people, I quickly saw there was a more efficient way that also saved the client far more in savings. For me to shop for /with a client at a store, we can usually only hit one, maybe two stores in a three hour period. It’s important to take the time to not rush decisions, and of course check out time can vary. 

The private shop session allows me to extend such a richer selection of items from multiple locations be it online, boutique, locals, designers and more. The average savings is $450 per session and enables you to feel far more relaxed. 

The Educational Shop Session is another option as well to consider. 

I am very skilled in working with men and women of ALL shapes and sizes. Most clients do retain my services because they have issues with finding items that fit them well. It can be very discouraging but it doesn’t  have to be. I’m able to tell you why certain things won’t work for you and find options that will compliment you and leave you feeling confident.

Just like you, I am a unique individual and it took me a long time to give myself the permission to dress how I felt best and find my own Moxie. Once I did, I had way more fun and had much more success in my life. I can be elegant, classy, funky, casual, playful, retro or sophisticated. It all depends on my mood. This relationship is about you. It is not about getting you to dress like me. Through getting to know you I will be able to gather what you are drawn towards, why, and what is best suited for your lifestyle and needs. One of the reasons I am skilled in this profession is I am able to draw you out of your shell a bit and yet still honor your personal choices. 

When we decide on a comfortable avenue for your needs, I provide specific instructions at this time so that you are well prepared and comfortable. Be it a Closet Clarity Session or a Shopping Session, I will let you know in advanced all you need to know so it is an enjoyable experience without stress.

Absolutely! I believe that apparel support should be obtainable for everyone for we all deserve to feel our best. My rates are very competitive and you will find I put a lot into our time together. I work with many clients at each price point and am able to find some wonderful items. Your budget and needs would be discussed before hand to we devise a plan of action that feels fitting and obtainable. 

The intention of a clarity session is to get a sense what you have currently, what your clothing habits tend to be and where you are needing some support. There are some basic staples in every wardrobe that make life far easier when it comes to dressing and we want to devise a plan if there are needed items. All suggested items get documented and provided to you shortly after our appointment. 

During this time we will go through the current season you own. I may also have you try on some items and stepping out to respect your privacy. This is also a great time to potentially let go of items you no longer adore. I provide my honest feedback but I also am sensitive for it’s a very personal step to let me into your closet!

Are you ready to enjoy more of the clothes you own, shop with ease and see how you can save more?