Professional Style Service

Retaining Moxie Support For Your Professional Needs

Talking about our apparel can be tough to navigate sometimes. Especially when it comes to employees and or team leaders. You want to be mindful of feelings and etiquette yet also want your work environment and company to be held to a respectable standard. 

In todays society, understanding what is indeed professional has gotten many confused. People are challenged with wanting to be approachable and relatable yet also want to feel like they are honoring their unique self. 

Brandon’s approach is personable, intentional and effective. She has the ability to deliver content that is thought provoking, empowering and useful leaving any individual from any walk of life, taking pause to reflect how they are showing up in their life and profession. 

There are an array of ways in which support can be retained be it on site private consultations, group workshop and more. 
A custom experience can be tailored to ensure your needs are met. 

To learn more about what option may be the most suitable for your organization, please contact 518-336-0157 or 

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