Professional Speaking Workshop

Professional Speaking Support For Men and Women

Whether you are speaking at your weekly professionals group or preparing for a more substantial speaking engagement, it is of value to consider a few key elements. What you are wearing and how you present yourself.

During this segment you will receive:

This workshop is offered to Men and Women separately. Due to Covid – 19, dates will be revisited after the Fall. Should this be of interest to you then please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can keep you informed. Email us at:

This workshop is limited on space. Current intro price is $365 and will resume to $389 shortly. Two payment option is available for a small added fee. Claim your reduced rate below:

Speaking Workshop Q&A

The maximum will be 12 women. 

This will take place in Saratoga at the office of Moxie – plenty of parking and easy to locate.

The group event date is TBA. 

You will still be able to retain support through a separate video call that will be arranged. 

You do not need to be on Facebook to take part. There will be some valuable content and engagement in the private group but it is not mandatory. You will absolutely receive a well rounded experience that will meet your needs for regardless.

You will have access to resources for guidance but the direct support will be focused on your apparel, confidence and presentation skills.

This workshop is fitting for individuals with no experience, some experience and or seasoned women.

Refunds are not provided. Should you not be able to take part in the offering then a credit for another Moxie service/event can absolutely be explored.

A date and time will be arranged that works for you. Day, evening and weekend appointments are available.

If you wish to have the clothing support off site then this can be arranged to take place at the private Moxie office. As this is a bit more involved, there will be a $70 fee to do so but is absolutely not an issue. 

There is a reasonable travel fee that applies when 30 miles beyond Saratoga. 

Upon registering, you will be contacted directly by Moxie. At this time the process will start which will include but not limited to, completing a questionnaire and setting your first session.