Private Shop Sessions

Perhaps you are someone who knows exactly what you like but find you just don't have the time you'd like to shop for yourself. Perhaps you are someone that can go shopping be it online or in person and walk away with very little and left feeling discouraged and find time was wasted. Maybe you identify with not knowing the best places to shop for your needs, what to look for and or feel everything is just so expensive. Or, you might have a love of shopping only to discover you keep buying the same thing and are unsure how to break the cycle.

Where ever this finds you, I can assure you there truly is a better way. Much of being a successful shopper is knowing how to put items together, knowing where to go and looking at your closet as a whole so you can ensure pieces are being interchanged and have a dual purpose when suitable.

How It Works

Whether you are indeed of a few pieces for a special occasion or a closet overhaul, we spend time assessing what you like, what you need and the parameters of your desired budget for the season at hand. This ensures me to honor your personal taste, body make up and financial needs so that a rich variety is provided of your choosing. Traditionally the separate service of a Closet Clarity Session is completed prior however a pre in person consult can work as well when needed and if fitting.

Once we have addressed all needed details, I then set out to complete locating what is on our “list”. This can take the form of online, local stores, other cities and sometimes, specified designers. All items are selected with specifically you in mind. 

​The first appointment in the service takes place at the Moxie private setting in Saratoga. You have personal space to change among the relaxing and peaceful environment. It essentially is your own private oversized dressing room made up of goodies just for you. Together we go through all items selected and decide together what are “must haves”. We are mindful of keeping items that truly serve you in that you will use them, they are of need, you truly like them AND they are in line with your budget. There is no obligation to keep or purchase items. This session is typically a three hour session. Upon closing your items are packaged up for you to take home and enjoy. 

The second session of this service enables us to address any items that are still in need. Perhaps some exchanges from our first session needed to be addressed or we have added on some desired pieces to the list. During this time we also put together a few completed outfits so you have a reference and guidance how to use some of your new pieces. Naturally, should you want more outfits there are options for this as well. I take care of all exchanges and returns so that all you need to do is show up, play and enjoy!

The Financials

One of the beauties is because I can retain a style discount on many items and shop sales, I am able to save you more overall. Most clients average a savings of $350-$450 for their overall purchases. Pair this with not having to drive, search, tackle the dressing rooms, deal with lines/returns etc. the value starts increasing rapidly. Not to mention, having an honest person at your side dedicated to hold you to your greatness and will lovingly weigh in when something is not the ideal. 

Being a wise shopper and dresser can be a challenge to do by oneself. It can be hard to know what looks good and why and to look at yourself objectively. The beauty is that when working together, you will start to understand and soak up tips and tricks which will help you feel more confident and informed. 

After we have addressed what you actually need we discuss a comfortable budget. I can also provide guidance when someone is overwhelmed and just not sure where to begin. Once we come up with a figure, I traditionally like to request 2x the amount if it’s possible for the client. This allows me to provide a richer variety of sizes, colors and so on for our session. Once all decisions are completed at the second session, the difference is then provided back to the client within 30 days. We ensure we do not go over the original desired amount so there is no sticker shock or chance of spending beyond a comfort level. 

From my perspective, clothing should be affordable and everyone is deserving of looking and feeling their best. My goal is to have you feel empowered and enjoy an increase of your skill as the seasons progress. Therefore, for a wee small fee, I do allow work with payment options when needed as well.