​Photoshoots can be such a fun time to highlight your awesomeness! Having some style support can ensure you look how you wish to be seen. Many times your photographer will give you some good basics for the shoot. However, there really is far more that can go into this. Textures of clothing, how items fit your body, how you will be positioned, indoor/outdoor as well as the mood and effect you are striving to accomplish. 

Moxie can aid with outfit selections for your session. You can also have support for the actual appointment which enables the photographer to focus on their job and for us to focus on your clothes, fly aways, sweaty skin etc. 

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Every Service Starts with a Complimentary Consultation

Connecting one on one gives us a chance to get to know each other better. During this appointment, we can explore your desires, needs and goals at which time I can recommend the most affordable approach. Below will give you a sense of some of the services and price points. However, I really believe that everyone is unique and therefore I value taking the time through a phone meeting to find the best fit for you. so you can make an informed decision.