Moxie Policies

I am honored to be stepping into my 6th year in business supporting individuals just like you feel more excited, confident and efficient when it comes to their apparel. 

I have spent a great deal of time exploring what works and does not among my clients so they can have the best experience possible. Like anything of value, it is always being tweaked when needed. 

Ensuring that working with me is financially sound is an important part of my business as I feel everyone deserves to feel phenomenal AND has the support and guidance that is often needed when learning a new skill or implementing a new habit. 

One way I keep the fees reasonable is to keep more overhead minimal. Therefore, it may take a short spell before you hear back from me but I promise you will. I speak to this because we live in a time where it’s easy to get swept into instant gratification and or being able to communicate with someone in so many avenues. 

All appointment times are first come first serve until secured by full payment. Full payment is due upon booking a session date to secure the appointment. Payment options are available for Moxie services if needed with a small added fee. Payment options are not an option for clothing funds such as for a Private Shop Session. 

If a Moxie service has been purchased then please note, I do not provide refunds. This includes if the services have been redeemed or has not. God forbid, if something occurs and you are dissatisfied in any way, I am open to having a conversation to see what can be done in way of a potential credit of even exchange in services​ unless otherwise agreed upon. 

If you are partaking in a Private Shop Session, any difference of funds due back to you as the client will be provided within 45 days of when your account of said service has been completed/closed and all purchase decisions have been completed. 

If a product has been purchased then an exchange can be considered assuming the item is in new condition and within 14 days of purchase. Should an item be faulty etc. then certainly reach out and we’ll explore options. 

If we have an appointment and you need to cancel, please know I request 72 hrs. for cancelations. Much of this is because the bulk of my services are long sessions. The chances of me being able to place another in your appointment is usually a challenge. Should you need to cancel and it is under 72 hours then please note, there is a $75 fee. An email addressing the cancelation is sufficient at

I fully appreciate that things do happen and we all do our best. Should you find you are in a unique situation please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll see what can be done.  

There is a $25 fee for any returned check. 

A reasonable travel fee does apply when located 30 miles beyond the Saratoga zip of 12866.

If you decide you want to record any portion of our session together than I ask that you only use this for your personal use to reference the support and tips of the session. I do not authorize the use of the video to be shared online or directly with others please. 

Thank you for honoring my needs as a small business…