Love Your Look

The Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

FINALLY the resource to answer all of your dressing and shopping needs! This is the LATEST tool to help you navigate the ever changing world of fashion.

Do you feel uninspired when it comes to your clothing?

Is it a challenge to find items that fit you well and leave you feeling confident and beautiful?

Are you feeling confused about what to wear for your daily needs and or events in your life?

Do you find you purchase items yet rarely use them?

What You'll Learn

In this program you will receive concise, easy to follow guidance that will have you shopping and dressing with ease from a Professional Stylist.

How to Edit Your Closet With Ease

Discover great essentials to make your life FAR easier and get clear what items may be time to be eliminated.

Look & Feel Amazing Regardless of...

No matter your age, stature or body size we discuss building confidence and how to dress for your best self. Learn how to dress around your own personal "trouble zones."

Fresh Outfit Ideas

There are multiple ways to enjoy your clothes that you already own, and mostly options you have not considered. Freshen up your look with the items in your current closet and feel new.

Purchasing Clothes for your Lifestyle

Do you dread going shopping for yourself? We'll uncover what to buy for your individual lifestyle and budget as well as understanding how to never "mess up" a purchase or outfit again.

& SO much more!

Check out the Reviews!

"I've never been one to love shopping although I do love to look nice. Growing up I was never taught much about clothing or makeup. So here I am at 61 and finally stepping out with the support of Brandon! She holds space, is totally non-judgmental and meets you exactly where you are. I would 100% recommend Brandon to anyone but especially to anyone who is feeling a bit shy about asking for help and stepping out. She's amazing!"
“Brandon made it easy, helpful and just plain FUN. Learning more every single day and working hard to keep an open mind, as well as remember Brandon's tips and tricks! It is more of a joy to walk into my closet now than ever before. Thank you, Brandon!"
“Since my journey with Brandon I have become more confident in what I wear, how I wear it, and how to shop for the right fit. Brandon has truly inspired me to really look at myself as a business professional and be more confident. Brandon has changed a big part of my life and has made it easier. I recommend everyone to utilize Brandon’s skills. She is truly a talented, amazing woman."

Brandon Dewyea

Hello! I am an Apparel Stylist out of Saratoga Springs NY. I support Women, Men and Teens both virtually and in person. 6 years ago I launched my business after going through my own personal awareness and discoveries regarding style. I felt that there wasn’t much out there which supports the person doing “everyday life”. And so, Moxie was born!

I work with an array of individuals such as busy parents, professionals, individuals starting a new career, retirees and young graduates to name a few. My clients range from people watching their pennies to individuals who have disposable income and everyone in between.

The world of dressing can feel incredibly overwhelming. BUT it doesn’t have to continue to feel as such! This program is jammed pack with so many goodies as well as an array of support from complimentary professionals because let’s be honest, feeling good in our clothes and choices is a lot more than just what is sitting in your drawers. I took a great deal of time crafting this experience for you and I know there is NOTHING this complete on the market.

I would love to have you join me on this adventure!


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Virtual Online Program

This experience will be delivered to you in a few forms including video and pdf to name a few. We went through great lengths to ensure you find your experience to be tangible, fresh and fun! 

It’s the perfect blend of going at your own pace yet also having the support from our online get togethers too – a perfect time to get some questions answered and learn from others if you wish.

You have been through a lot recently.

This is the PERFECT goodie to enjoy! Not only will you gain so much insight but you’ll feel EXCITED about your clothes and style! And don’t you deserve to feel more happy with what you wear and gain a new skill? Yep! 

BUT feeling happier is just ONE benefit. Did you know that people only pick up on 7% of what you say? MUCH of what they experience when they are around you is not only how they are feeling… but how YOU are feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, self conscious, “less than” …. this “vibe” is apparent and can truly effect the interaction. 

HOWEVER, when you feel at ease, confident and secure then you radiate  self assurance which in turn, has a positive effect on everyone. There are so many exchanges we face through our day which are important. Then, there are even the bigger ones such as conducting a presentation, a job interview and an exciting first date to name a few. 

How many experiences have you missed out on potentially because you didn’t feel your best? Like anything in life, when you have support, guidance and implementation, your skill set improves.

Don't leave a future opportunity to chance!

What's the next step?

We've created two simple offers to make this simple and easy for you!

Option One:
For a VERY limited time, you have the option to get on the waitlist and "reserve" your place in the program for a mere $27.00 (We know! A steal!) The balance of the program of $272 will be due in 30 days. This is a great way to spread your funds and still save. HOWEVER, make sure you check out option two below for if you can swing it, you save FAR more! (plus get a PERSONAL bonus!)

Option Two:
Pay a one time flat fee today of $269 for the entire program which is valued at $1,150. PLUS, for a limited time, this offer comes with a personal, one to one virtual session with Brandon, your stylist for the program. This is the PERFECT goodie to compliment all you will be learning and to take advantage of some EXCLUSIVE support during the program. This option gives you an additional savings of $125!

BOTH of these offers are going away soon so don't sit on this! Come join in the upcoming fun!

(Space is limited for the complimentary call with Brandon and is first come first serve. Booking details to be addressed after the program begins)

Check out the Reviews!

"There is no value to assign to the ease created in my life. I know where everything is. I have the perfect outfits for all occasions and I feel so in control of my look. I feel more confident, sexier and more in my skin and it’s so much easier than how I functioned before!!!!"
"I can honestly say that the value I have gotten has been outstanding. Between making more use of things I already owned and filling in the gaps with fantastic outfits that I never would have thought to try, this has been nothing but a positive experience!"
"She is a wealth of information. She is not just someone that knows how to piece clothing and accessories together. She takes you on a journey of learning about what kind of material clothing looks good on you."



Have some questions?

You work hard for your money and therefore, we want you to be able to gain benefits from the program for years to come. We do address how to navigate “trends” in the program. Therefore, you will find this guide to be timeless and a valuable resource so your needs are met.

Moxie works with women of all sizes and finds it VERY important that you have tangible guidance so yes, this is perfect for you! 

Regardless of your age, whether you are 24 or 84, you will absolutely gain value from this program. We promise!

We promise that you will gain a great deal of interesting insight that will in no way take away from your own personal taste. It’s like having a great recipe. You may love Mexican food and hate Italian but we can all agree it’s about what goes into the meal from the ingredients, prep through the presentation and attention.

We know so many have been challenged by recent events. Not only in spirit but financially. This is why we wanted to make sure to offer a deeply reduced price overall to make it a bit easier. We want you to feel your best and wish to aid where we can.

 We will be offering payment options later in July however the price will shift a bit. The best rate is taking place now to give you the most savings.

Great question! This program was designed for the busy person of today in mind. And let’s be honest, most of us are all busy in one form or another. We recognize, wherever this finds you, you may still be adjusting a great deal from the pandemic and striving to find your “new normal”. 

We can appreciate feeling perhaps concerned to take on “one more thing”. Here is the beauty of the program. it is yours for life. You can complete the program and down the road revisit segments and complete or review as needed. Each segment will be a bit different in duration, content and objective. You will receive at least one segment a week. As life goes, sometimes we have more time and sometimes, a bit less. You may find one week you aren’t able to take part and the next week feels more spacious for you. 

We are a huge believer in carving out time each week just for you. AND, we know for many, this can feel foreign. (We ourselves have been there!) We encourage you to do the best you can and not worry too much right now about the time. Don’t worry, we have not made this out of reach!

The program duration will complete after ten weeks. It’s a hearty, well rounded experience that will compliment the current season and support you as future seasons come. We just know you’re going to LOVE it!

That is ok! Our VIP Facebook Group is an added bonus to our program as additional support if needed. You can find all of the information within the program and access it on any of your devices without Facebook. If you would like additional support and do not have Facebook, you will still receive support emails and can contact Moxie at any time.

You will find that the approach is relatable, even if the topic feels foreign to you. Brandon, the female creator and stylist of the program has worked with countless women who struggle, feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. We’ve got you covered!

Absolutely! Moxie caters to an array of clients at all different income levels. We’ve taken great measures to make sure the content is “workable” for you regardless of your financial status.

Custom support is separate from our VIP Facebook Group/email support, so it is not included in the program, however, we do offer 1:1 Zoom virtual calls as an add-on. Please contact Moxie directly for pricing and more information.

We are sorry, no refunds are available for this program.

This program will not be offered again until next year. The timeframe/season in which it’s starting was absolutely taken into consideration and we promise you will get SO much out of the program that can be used for this season as well as future seasons. It’s important to us that you get your value out of your purchase.

Reserve Your Special Rate

We know so many have been challenged by recent events. Not only in spirit but financially. This is why we wanted to make sure to offer a deeply reduced price overall as well as payment options. We want you to feel your best and wish to aid where we can. 

As we all know much has changed. There is no better time than to explore how we can greet the adjustment, improve ourselves and invest in future days with new experiences and memories.

Last day to register is September, 24, 2020. Program will begin September, 28, 2020.

Join the

$ 27
  • The remaining payment of $272 is due within 30 days of the waitlist deposit.

Exclusive Early Bird Offer

$ 269
  • The rate will go up to $399 shortly. Value of program is $1,150.
  • A limited amount of ladies will receive a personal call with Brandon during the call when selecting the $269 pay in full option. Don’t delay!
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Love Your Look

The Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

FINALLY the resource to answer all of your dressing and shopping needs! This is the LATEST tool to help you navigate the ever changing world of fashion.