Apparel Workshop

Take part in this fun and useful workshop that will address some great tips and tricks for dressing. Join in with other women and bring a few garments from home for some fresh ideas and or to address questions. With the Covid – 19 occurrence, the new date will be revisited soon.


Gals Day!

Do you find yourself confused when it comes to areas such as make-up and hair? Snag some time with a professional and enjoy learning some tips specifically for your needs and skill set. Enjoy extra goodies such as a local clothing designer yummie threads and a lil body love from a massage therapist. With the Covid – 19 occurrence, the new date will be revisited soon.

Professional Speaking Support For Men And Women

Whether you are speaking at your weekly professionals group or preparing for a more substantial speaking engagement, it is of value to consider a few key elements. What you are wearing and how you present yourself. Do you command a room? Do you stand with confidence and ease? 

During this engaging session you will receive support with your personal wardrobe straight through to presentation support. Learn handy tools to help you navigate being in front of a room with ease! 

Please note, due to Covid – 19, the workshop dates for the men segment and the women’s segment have been postponed for now.  Should this be of interest then please do reach out at

Savvy Professional Women’s Event

This group was originally started by both Brandon Dewyea and Frankie Mueller and is running strong today 6 years later. The group has expanded into other cities and currently run by Frankie Mueller.

At the Savvy Professional Women Network we’re focused on building a community of professional women to lean on and learn from – an intentional community from different backgrounds, levels of experience and professions who are committed to supporting one another. We host In Person and Online Events with guest speakers sharing valuable information on need to know topics. We have online private communities where we are differentiating ourselves in an online experience. We constantly have new faces joining us virtually and in person which provides a freshness for new friendships and connections to flourish.

We know just how challenging it can be to foster new genuine friendships among women and the need for a non competitive environment for each of us. This community is perfect for all ages of women and at any stage in ones life.

Please visit us at: to view events, testimonials and more.

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