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Enjoy a one to one call to address questions you may have and to explore your options. This no obligation call is a wonderful first step. Simply select a time which suits you and you will be contacted at the said date and time.

Please know that Moxie sessions fill fast. Be it for a Closet Clarity Session, Shopping Session or other, it can take up to a few months to get an appt. sometimes. Therefore, if you are thinking working together is something you may like to do down the road, we highly suggest you at least take the first steps now by setting an exploratory call. Then, if you wish to proceed further, this will ensure a time is set aside for you in the future for your personal session.

​ When selecting a time, please book at a time you can be relaxed and present - ideally not driving etc. Lastly, if you do not see a time which suits you then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Please note this offering is for genuinely interested parties of Moxie services only. For non related items please kindly use the traditional options below for inquires.

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The Historic building, "The Mill" is located at 125 High Rock Ave. The Mill sits at the intersection of High Rock Avenue, Nelson Avenue and Circular Street. As a reference, it is next to High Rock Park where the Farmers Market usually is held as well as down from the restaurant of Jacob And Anthony's.

**** Please note that at times Google maps will send you to another location so it is suggested to not rely on this option only.

While you may park in the front of the building or the rear, you will enter through the front main door. (Entrance shown in image. A lion sits on each side of the door.)

There is a restroom on each floor. Moxie is located on the second floor at Suite 202. If you have an appointment then you will receive specific directions directly as to how to prepare and proceed for your appointment for ease.

Take in some history and enjoy where the main lobby features on the rich and interesting story of the Mill!