Closet Toolbox Essentials

Belt Accessory for Men & Women

Have you ever had that annoying thing happen where you’re wearing a belt and the “tab” or end of the belt keeps popping out? Annoying, right? 

The Mini Poppy Clip is a magnetic solution that won’t ruin your belts and ensure the material stays put. Simply open, place over the top of the belt and close the magnet together. (you can experiment if you like to place above or below the belt. We have found both can work) 

Please note, for a thicker and or wider belt, you may want to consider the full size clip. 

Cost: $25 (Includes Two Clips) 

We are always adding new colors and patterns for you to enjoy. Please reach out directly since we are in a season transition to

Pile Tool

Did you know that even fine blends can get those pesky fuzz pieces? This happens because of friction and fabric. 

Like many things, there are some great solutions and some not so great solutions on the market. 

These two tools will ensure you can kiss your fuzzes goodbye. We suggest using #1 for more delicate fabrics and #2 for garments such as hearty sweaters. You will find both come in handy so we do suggest ordering both. Use light brush strokes to gently lift the fuzz. 

Note, this task can feel like a real bore. Take in a great podcast or a chat with a friend and you’ll be done in no time!

Try the Dritz Sweater Comb Fabric Care or The Laundress Women’s Sweater Comb.

DIY Non Toxic Stain Remover

Heel Protector

End the wear and tear which can take place from driving and wreck the heel of your shoes. This handy number can work on men’s dress shoes, to women’s heels. (not so great on sneakers) 

This simple design is shaped as a cuff and slides right on to the heel. Remove when you’re done driving and add back on before you set off again.  But we warn you… this can be so comfortable that you may forget it’s there. It’s a new habit indeed but will save your shoes! 

Cost: $25 per cuff 

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