Below are a few testimonials from women and men of all ages, sizes and stages in life. I am so honored to have worked with some fabulous people and I am incredibly touched by their kind and honest shares…

” I’ve never been one to love shopping although I do love to look nice. Growing up I was never taught much about clothing or makeup. So here I am at 61 and finally stepping out with the support of Brandon! Having her shop for me and then helping me understand how to put it all together has been a blast! She holds space, is totally non-judgmental and meets you exactly where you are. I would 100% recommend Brandon to anyone but especially to anyone who is feeling a bit shy about asking for help and stepping out. She’s amazing! ” C. S

“Working with Brandon was life altering. I have an organized closet and can confidently go to many types of events feeling confident and like a million bucks. She was worth every $ spent and the ease created in my life is priceless <3” C. R

” Working with Brandon has been an absolute pleasure. Brandon’s process has been efficient every step of the way. I’m already booking additional services after 1 session. Highly recommend. ” D. F

“Working with moxie and conquer the closet was the best thing I ever did for myself. There is no value to assign to the ease created in my life. I know where everything is. I have the perfect outfits for all occasions and I feel so in control of my look. I feel more confident, sexier and more in my skin and it’s so much easier than how I functioned before!!!! C. A

“I feel very grateful for our time together, not just for your fashion-sense, but your ability to communicate it in such a compassionate way. I wore the leather jacket and jeans to work with the black base layer and floral belt, and my co-worker was as supportive as I’d predicted. She shared that my wearing a leather jacket made her feel like she wanted to wear hers, something she felt shy about doing. The couple we were working with turned out to be people we see every year, and when the woman opened the door, she almost didn’t recognize me. She said, “I’ve never seen you without a hat on!” and gave me a big hug. Thanks for your support and direction in stepping out of the fashion box I’ve put myself in for so long!” S. K

“After a three-hour session with Moxie Maven Brandon Dewyea, I am a new woman. We went through my closet and, using her unmatched sense of style, Brandon put together pieces from my existing wardrobe that I never would have thought to pair. I wanted a look that was fun yet grown-up, and that’s exactly what Brandon gave me. Since our consultation, I’ve been taking a little extra time to coordinate my outfits and the result is amazing. I look sharper, feel sharper, and know I am no longer blending into the crowd. Thank you, Brandon!” A.S

“Brandon has been a breath of fresh air. For many years, my clothing has been drab. I became a business professional and I noticed my clothing just wasn’t looking professional besides the fact that my mother, who is 80, proceeded to tell me my cloths looked tattered. I would get frustrated, mad, even cry because I could not find anything to wear to venues or meet and greets and even if I did have something, it took me forever to locate it. From the day, Brandon visited my dreadful closet, my outlook on my closet, my clothing, my style, my image changed. She is a wealth of information. She is not just someone that knows how to piece clothing and accessories together. She takes you on a journey of learning about what kind of material clothing looks good on you. She gives you tips on how to take care of your clothing so you get the most life out of them, and she offers so much more.

Since my journey with Brandon I have become more confident on what I wear, how I wear it, and how to shop for the right fit. Brandon has truly inspired me really look at myself as a business professional and be more confident. With this experience, I am now in preparation to doing a makeover in my closet and looking forward to spending time with Brandon going through my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Brandon, has changed a big part of my life and has made it easier. I recommend everyone to utilize Brandon’s skills she is truly a talented, amazing woman.” A.M

“​Achieving and sustaining life and business success relies upon great relationships, develops through persuasive communication and flourishes with authentic connection. To accurately project and position yourself, your organization and your products and services in a crowded market place requires distinction, innovation and originality.

Brandon Dewyea is a master at organizing every element of establishing a personal and professional brand that reflects your individual style, illustrates your values and defines your path to success. Working with Brandon is one of those inspirational experiences that will excite you about who you are, where you can go and how quickly you will get there” –
K. C.

” I was fortunate to have Brandon Dewyea help me by providing a knowledgeable, keen and objective eye about what ‘works’ and what doesn’t (so much) from my current closet. It is a process and, although I was a wee bit intimidated at the initial thought of this type of exercise with someone as savvy and fashion forward as Brandon, she made it easy, helpful and just plain FUN. Learning more every single day and working hard to keep an open mind, as well as remember Brandon’s tips and tricks! It is more of a joy to walk into my closet now than ever before 🙂 Thank you, Brandon! XO ” B. H

” I spent a magical day with Brandon Dewyea of Moxie last week and to say the least the session was eye opening! It made me look at mixing items or using items I never would have thought of. I realized I buy in “outfits”, and wear my clothes that way. I don’t think, “gee I could wear this with that”, now I do. I realized I can have my own style that I am comfortable in and still be professional. I realized I can add more style and bling and it feels good, I am comfortable. This is such a great thing to learn!! My wardrobe increased like 10X just by looking at mixing and matching in ways I never thought to do. HUGE thank you to her for opening my eyes and helping bring out my style!!

I now am more aware of how I look even when I go to the store to pick something up quick or even when I am working from home for the day. I realized it matters and it takes such a small amount of effort to create this. I am also more aware of how other people dress and present themselves (this is good and bad), it does give me ideas on what to try. Thank you for everything Brandon Dewyea! I highly recommend utilizing her amazing service! She made me realize it doesn’t matter what your shape, size, age, style or wardrobe is, it works and you will look amazing!!! I am amazing just how I am:) ” C. P

” Working with Brandon has been such a true joy. I had just moved from my for 14 years as a caterer into coaching women entrepreneurs full time when Brandon and I started working together… and let’s be honest, kitchen attire isn’t exactly fashion forward. I needed help, and lots of it! Brandon has done an amazing job of helping me rebrand myself. She not only helped ‘pull out’ my personal style, but fully supported me to comfortably AND confidently step into the new ‘me’ as I leaned into my new career.
We cleared out my closet of what was no longer working for me. She taught me what worked best with my body type (and why it worked, super helpful). We played around with several different looks; with many of the pieces I had in my closet and some new items I purchased.

We went shopping for clothes, shoes, and makeup. Brandon was absolutely amazing with helping select clothing, shoes, handbags, and makeup that worked for me…necklines, dress lengths, which style jeans fit best, color palettes, application, lipstick, etc.
I had not worn much makeup in years…it’s not so easy to keep ‘the look’ in a hot fast paced kitchen. With Brandon’s guidance we chose a look that works for me on a daily basis and went over tips on how to amp it up for an evening event.
I used to stand in my closet for 20-30 minutes at a time trying to figure out what to wear for the day, for an event, for a speaking engagement or for a date…and I rarely felt good in what I decided to wear. I now can walk in my closet and have a minimum of 5-6 outfits to easily choose from within minutes. With shoes to complete each outfit… an important piece for me!
Brandon offers her input and expertise in a way that’s easy to receive, gentle, yet direct. She allows you feel good about who you are, no matter what your size or style. Brandon is a true gem. I cannot recommend her enough. ” L.D

” I realized I can have my own style that I am comfortable in and still be professional. I realized I can add more style and bling and it feels good, I am comfortable. This is such a great thing to learn!! My wardrobe increased like 10X just by looking at mixing and matching in ways I never thought to do. HUGE thank you to her for opening my eyes and helping bring out my style!! ” M. T

“I am so happy I decided to work with Brandon. I felt very “stuck” with my existing wardrobe but unsure of how to step out of my little box. Brandon suggested very sensible (and very inexpensive) alterations to some of my clothes to have them fit me better and made some suggestions about how I could pair some items in ways I had not thought of. And then we had our shopping trip… which was AMAZING! I got some seriously snazzy outfits that look like they were made for the best version of me, and the cost was far less than I expected. I am not a particularly self-indulgent person, and choosing to spend money on Brandon’s services was a big leap for me. I can honestly say that the value I have gotten has been outstanding. Between making more use of things I already owned and filling in the gaps with fantastic outfits that I never would have thought to try, this has been nothing but a positive experience. ” A.P

“Brandon is so amazing at helping you feel comfortable in your own skin. She has an amazing ability to remind you how beautiful you are. She is discreet when you are trying on clothes and is honest if she thinks it works or if it doesn’t. However, she’s been spot on with me. I recommend her to everyone!! Thank you Brandon!” G.O

” I have new confidence in myself as a person after my closet session with Brandon. I delightfully pick out clothes now and love seeing outfits come together easily. One added and ongoing benefit is that I’m getting rid of things that don’t serve who I am any longer. It was worth it and I highly recommend Brandon! ” D. P

​” Last July I needed Brandon’s services to find the appropriate outfit for a TV interview. I started to obsess about my outfit and realized that it was time to call in a professional. That was the best decision. Brandon asked all the right questions and several days later we went shopping. I arrived at the boutique to find that she had picked a number of outfit combinations. All I had to do was step into the changing room and try them on, step out to get Brandon’s opinion. Like shopping with a very knowledgeable girl friend. Great experience for me, and I highly recommend. PS: Brandon’s fee’s are so reasonable! ” S.C

” Brandon is simply the best! I have had the pieces in my wardrobe just not the know how in putting them all together. She fully listens to needs and concerns, and then comes up with solutions with such ease. So much fun working with Brandon and putting my “new” outfits to the test. ” D.D

” I recently had a chance to use Brandon’s personal styling expertise. She really did meet me where I was by starting with the things I was already wearing and she listened to what my goals were. I now have lots of ideas for new looks with my existing clothes, it’s a miracle! ” J.P

” Brandon is truly an awesome woman to work with. The closet is a scary place for a lot of us and Brandon helps make it a breeze. It was a life changing event to work with Brandon. Highly recommended! ” A.S

“Brandon was extremely compassionate and sensitive in her approach to helping me sort through clothes and prepare outfits for upcoming events. My first reaction when I saw the photo compilations of suggested outfits was ‘wow! I can’t believe those are my clothes” because her artistic sense really brought new life to clothes that weren’t being worn. I love that she helped me to combine pieces I already own to fit my needs and also how to see the potential of different pieces when combined together in ways I would not have thought to do. I highly recommend her services. Thank you! ” A. K