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Meet Brandon Dewyea

Have you ever had a day where you wore something you loved and swear your day overall was just a bit, better? 

A memorable day I can recall was borrowing a skirt from my Mother when I was in the fourth grade. The skirt, a light cotton number, was blue and white pinstripe, came down to my mid calf and had the feeling of Summer when it was worn. For what felt like centuries, I had been crushing on a blonde cutie, James. Noticed, I was not. However this particular day, we actually conversed. I was beyond thrilled. I vividly remember re telling the whole encounter to my Mother after school in the car and like expected teen logic, I was completely certain my “change of luck” was due to the skirt. 

So, it might not have been literally the skirt however what was present, was confidence. I felt light, pretty, sophisticated and sure of myself. And most importantly, comfortable.

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